Name: Bamburi Beach Hotel Mombasa, Kenya  Added: 10/29/2013
Title:Best Holiday Hotel In Kenya Mombasa  
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Description: Bamburi Beach Hotel in Kenya is three star holiday Hotel in Kenya Mombasa easily situated on Indian Ocean convenient from in East Africa main international airport at Mombasa. Enjoy Luxury accommodation at one of the best hotels in Kenya Mombasa - Bamburi Beach Hotel. Make online reservations at our Best holiday Hotel in Kenya Mombasa from To get more information on Luxury Hotels in Kenya Mombasa visit

Name: La Madrugada Beach Hotel & Resort Zanzibar  Added: 6/20/2014
Title:Spice Tour Zanzibar  
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Description: Zanzibar is considered to be the land of Spices. Take a Spice Tour in Zanzibar & have a taste of lots of spices with traditional Zanzibarian meals. To get more information on Spice Tour Zanzibar visit